WiFi. Easy, fast, safe.

Dedicated to all shops and hospitality facilities where WiFi must be an easy and effective service, in full compliance with the latest European privacy norms.

“Key&GO, why is it different?”

More resources, higher efficiency.

Cut down waiting times at the front desk by generating one single access code. Your guests will need to insert the code only once, just as it is with their home wireless network.

Safety comes first.

Your code will guarantee legal safety for all single navigation sessions.

The strength of numbers.

Boost your marketing strategy by analysing your user data collected on the management platform.

Achieve new results!

Improve the management and control of your WiFi service.

Comply with the latest GDPR norms in full.

Protect yourself by tracking all network access sessions.

Discover new value in the network access data of your guests.

Wondering how it works?

Find out more.